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      THE mayor stood at the open widowHe was in his shirt-sleeves,with a breast-pin stuck in his frill,and was uncommonly smooth shaven-all his own work;certainly he had given him self a slight cut,but he had stuck a bit of newspaper on the place

      Hark ye,youngster!”he cried

      The youngster in question was no other than the son of the poor washerwoman,who was just going past the house;and he pulled off his cap respectfullyThe peak of the said cap was broken in the middle,for the cap was arranged so that it could be rolled up and crammed into his pocketIn his poor,but clean and well-mended attire,with heavy wooden shoes on his feet,the boy stood there,as humble as if he stood before the King himself

      You're a good boy, said MrMayor.“You’ re a civil boyI suppose your mother is rinsing clothes down in the river?I suppose you are to carry that thing to your mother that you have in your pocket?It's a bad affair with your motherHow much have you got there?

      Half a quarter,”stammered the boy,in a frightened voice

      And this morning she had just as much,”the mayor continued

      No,”replied the boy,“it was yesterday.”

      Two halves make a wholeShe's good for nothing!It's a sad thing with that class of people!Tell your mother that she ought to be ashamed of herself;and mind you don't become a drunkard-but you will become one,thoughPoor child-there,go!”

      And the boy wentHe kept his cap in his hand,and the wind played with his yellow hair,so that great locks of it stood up straightHe turned down by the street comer,into the little lane that led to the river,where his mother stood by the washing bench,beating the heavy linen with the malletThe water rolled quickly along,for the flood-gates at the mill had been drawn up,and the sheets were caught by the stream,and threatened to overturn the benchThe washerwoman was obliged to lean against the bench to support it

      I was very near sailing away,”she said.“It is a good thing that you are come,for I need to recruit my strength a littleIt is cold out here in the water,and I have been standing here for six hoursHave you brought anything for me?”

      The boy produced the bottle,and the mother put it to her mouth,and took a little Ah,how that revives one!”said she;“how it warms!It is as good as a hot meal,and not so dearAnd you,my boy!you look quite paleYou are shivering in your thin clothes-to be sure it is autumnUgh!how cold the water is!I hope I shall not be illBut no,I shall not be that!Give me a little more,and you may have a sip too,but only a little sip,for you must not accustom your self to it,my poor dear child!”

      And she stepped up to the bridge on which the boy stood,and came ashoreThe water dripped from the straw matting she had wound round her,and from her gown

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      I work and toil as much as ever I can,”she said,“but I do it willingly,if I can only manage to bring you up honestly and well,my boy.”

      As she spoke,a somewhat older woman came towards themShe was poor enough to behold,lame of one leg,and with a large false curl hanging down over one of her eyes,which was a blind oneThe curl was intended to cover the eye,but it only made the defect more strikingThis was a friend of the laundressShe was called among the neighbours,“Lame Martha with the curl.”

      Oh, you poor thing!How you work,standing there in the water!”cried the visitor.“You really require some-thing to Warm you;and yet malicious folks cry out about the few drops you take!

      And in a few minutes’ time the mayor's late speech was reported to the laundress;for Martha had heard it all,and she had been angry that a man could speak as he had done to a woman's own child,about the few drops the mother took;and she was the more angry,because the mayor on that very day was giving a great feast,at which wine was drunk by the bottle-good wine,strong wine

      A good many will take more than they need-but that's not called drinkingThey are good;but you are good for nothing!”cried Martha,indignantly

      Ah,so he spoke to you,my child?”said the washerwoman;and her lips trembled as she spoke.“So he says you have a mother who is good for nothing?Well,perhaps he's right,but he should not have said it to my childStill,I have had much misfortune from that house.”

      You were in service there when the mayor's parents were alive,and lived in that house,That is many years agomany bushels of salt have been eaten since then, and we may well be thirsty;and Martha smiled.“The mayor has a great dinner-party todayThe guests were to have been put off,but it was too late,and the dinner was al-ready cookedThe footman told me about itA letter came a little while ago,to say that the younger brother had died in Copenhagen.”

      Died?”repeated the laundress-and she became pale as death

      Yes,certainly,said Martha.“Do you take that so much to heart?Well,you must have known him years ago,when you were in service in the house.”

      Is he dead?He was such a good, worthy man!There are not many like him.”And the tears rolled down her cheeksGood gracious!everything is whirling around me-it was too much for meI feel quite ill.”And she leaned against the phank

      Good gracious,you are ill indeed!exclaimed the other woman.“Come,come,it will pass over presentlyBut no,you really look seriously illThe best thing will be for me to lead you home.”

      But my linen yonder-

      I will see to thatCome,give me your armThe boy can stay here and take care of it,and I'll come back and finish the washing;it's only a trifle

      The laundress's limbs shook under her.“I have stood too long in the cold water,”she said faintly,“and I have eaten and drunk nothing since this morningThe fever is in my bonesO kind Heaven,help me to get homeMy poor child!”And she burst into tears

      The boy wept too,and soon he was sitting alone by the river,beside the damp linenThe two women could make only slow progressThe laundress dragged her weary limbs along,and tottered through the lane and round the corner into the street where stood the house of the mayor;and just in front of his mansion she sank down on the pavementMany people assembled round her,and lame Martha ran into the house to get helpThe mayor and his guests came to the window

      That's the washerwoman!”he said.“She has taken a glass too muchShe is good for nothingIt's a pity for the pretty son she hasI redlly like the child very well;but the mother is good for nothing.”

      Presently the laundress came to herself,and they led her into her poor dwelling,and put her to bedKind Martha heated a mug of beer for her,with butter and sugar,which she considered the best medicine;and then she hastened to the river,and rinsed the linen-badly enough,though her will was goodStrictly speaking,she drew it ashore,wet as it was,and laid it in a basket

      Towards evening she was sitting in the poor little room with the laundressThe mayor's cook had given her some roasted potatoes and a fine fat piece of ham for the sick woman,and Martha and the boy discussed these viands while the patient enjoyed the smell,which she pronoum ced very nourishing

      And presently the boy was put to bed,the same bed in which his mother lay;but he slept at her feet,covered with an old quilt made up of blue and white patches

      Soon the patient felt a little betterThe warm beer had strengthened her,and the fragrance of the provisions also did her good

      Thanks,you kind soul,” she said to Martha.“I will tell you all when the boy is asleepI think he has dropped off alreadyHow gentle and good he looks,as he lies there with his eyes closedHe does not know what his mother has suffered,and Heaven grant he may never know itI was in service at the councillor's,the father of the mayorIt happened that the youngest of the sons,the student,came homeI was young then,a wild girl,but honest,that I may declare in the face of HeavenThe student was merry and kind,good and braveEvery drop of blood in him was good and honestI have not seen a better man on this earthHe was the son of the house,and I was only a maid,but we formed an attachment to each other,honestly and honourablyAnd he told his mother of it,for she was in his eyes as a deity on earth;and she was wise and gentleHe went away on a journey,but before he started he put his gold ring on my fingerand directly he was gone my mistress called meWith a firm yet gentle seriousness she spoke to me,and it seemed as if Wisdom itself were speakingShe showed me clearly,in spirit and in truth,the difference there was between him and me

      “‘ Now he is charmed with your pretty appearance, she said,‘but your good looks will leave youYou have not heen educated as he hasYou are not equals in mind,and there is the misfortuneI respect the poor,’she continued:‘in the sight of God they may cupy a higher place than many a rich man can fill;but here on earth we must beware of entering a false track as we go onward, or our carriage is upset,and we are thrown into the roadI know that a worthy man wishes to marry you-an artisan-I mean Erich the glove-makerHe is a widower without children,and is well-to-doThink it over

      Every word she spoke cut into my heart like a knife,but I knew that that my mistress was right,and that knowledge weighed heavily upon meI kissed her hand,and wept bitter tears,and I wept still more when I went into my room and threw myself on my bedIt was a heavy night that I had to pass throughHeaven knows what I suffered and how I wrestled!The next Sunday I went to the Lord's house,to pray for strength and guidanceIt seemed like a providence,that as I stepped out of church Erich came towards meAnd now there was no longer a doubt in my mindWe were suited to each other in rank and in means,and he was even then a thriving manTherefore I went up to him,took his hand,and said,‘Are you still of the same mind towards me?Yes,ever and always,’he replied.‘Will you marry a girl who honours and respects,but who does not love yon-though that may come later?’I asked him.‘Yes,it will come!’he answeredAnd upon this we joined handsI went home to my mistressI wore the gold ring that her son had given me at heartI could not put it on my finger in the daytime,but only in the evening when I went to bedI kissed the ring again and again,till my lips almost bled,and then I gave it to my mistress,and told her the banns were to be put up next week for me and the glove-makerThen my mistress put her arms round me and kissed meShe did not say that I was good for nothing;but perhaps I was better then than I am now ,for the misfortunes of life had not yet found me outOn Candlemas we were married;and for the first year the world went well with uswe had a joumeyman and an apprentice,and you,Martha,lived with us as our servant

      Oh,you were a dear,good mistress,”cried Martha.“Never shall I forget how kind you and your husband were!”

      Yes,those were our good years,when you were with usWe had not any children yetThe student I never saw again.—Ah,yes,I saw him,but he did not see meHe was here at his mother's funeralI saw him stand by the graveHe was pale as death,and very downcast,but that was for his mother;afterwards,when his father died,he was away in a foreign land,and did not come back hereI know that he never married;I believe he became a lawyerHe had forgotten me,and even if he had seen me again,he would not have known me,I look so uglyAnd that is very fortunate

      And then she spoke of her days of trial,and told how misfortune had come as it were swooping down upon them

      We had five hundred dollars,”she said;“and as there was a house in the street to be bought for two hundred,and it would pay to pull it down and build a new one,it was boughtThe builder and carpenter calculated the expense,and the new house was to cost a thousand and twentyErich had credit,and borrowed the money in the chief town,but the captain who was to bring it was ship-wrecked,and the money was lost with him.”

      Just at that time my dear sweet boy who is sleeping yonder was bornMy husband was struck down by a long heavy illnessfor three-quarters of a year I was compelled to dress and undress himWe went back more and more,and fell into debtAll that we had was sold,and my husband diedI have worked,and toiled,and striven for the sake of the child,scrubbing staircases,washing linen,fine and coarse alike,but I was not to be better off,such was God's good willBut He will take me to Himself in His own good time,and will not forsake my boy.”

      And she fell asleep

      Towards morning she felt much refresedand strong enough,as she thought,to go back to her workShe had just stepped again into the cold water,when a trembling and faintness seized hershe clutched at the air with her hand,took a step forward,and fell downHer head rested on the bank,and her feet were still in the water;her wooden shoes,with a wisp of straw in each,which she had worn,floated down the stream,and thus Martha found her on coming to bring her some coffee

      In the meantime a messenger from the mayor's house had been dispatched to her poor lodging to tell her to come to the mayor immediately,for he had something to tell her.”It was too late!A barber-surgeon was brought to open a vein in her arm;but the poor woman was dead

      She has drunk herself to death!”said the mayor

      In the letter that brought the news of his brother's death,the contents of the will had been mentioned,and it was a legacy of six hundred to the glove-maker's widow,who had once been his mother maidThe money was to be paid,according to the mayor's discretion,in larger or smaller sums,to her or to her child,

      There was some fuss between my brother and her,”said the mayor.“It's a good thing that she is dead;for now the boy will have the whole,and I will get him into a house among respectable peopleHe may turn out a reputable working man

      And Heaven gave its blessing  to these wods

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      So the mayor sent for the boy,promised to take care of him,and added that it was good thing the lad's mother was dead,inasmuch as she had been good for nothing

      They bore her to the churchyard,to the cemetery of the poor, and Martha planted a tree upon the grave,and the boy stood beside her

      My dear mother!”he cried,as the tears fell fast.“Is it true what they said,that she was good for nothing?”

      No,she was good for much!”replied the old servant,and she looked up indignantly.“I knew it many a year ago,and more than all since last nightI tell you she was worth much,and the Lord in heaven knows it is true,let the world say,as much as it chooses,‘She was good for nothing.’”



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