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      THE story of the girl who trod on the loaf to avoid soiling her shoes,and of the misfortune that befell this girl,is well knownIt has been written,and even printed

      She was a poor child,but proud and presumptuous;there was a bad foundation in her,as the saying isWhen she was quite a little child,it was her delight to catch flies and tear off their wings,so as to make them into creeping thingsShe would take cockchafers and beetles,and spit them on pinsThen she pushed a green leaf or a little scrap of paper towards their feet,and the poor creatures seized it,and held it fast,and turned it over and over,struggling to get free from the pin

      The cockchafer is reading,”said little Inger.“See how he turns the leaf!”

      With years she grew worse rather than better;but she was pretty,and that was her misfortune;otherwise she would have been more sharply reproved than she was

      Your headstrong will requires something strong to break it!”her own mother often said.“As a little chila,you used to trample on my apron;but I fear you will one day trample on my heart.”

      And that is what she really did

      She was sent into the country,into service in the house of rich people,who treated her as their own child,and dressed her accordinglyShe looked well,and her presumption increased

      When she had been there about a year,her mistress said to her,“You ought now to visit your parents,Inger.”

      And she went too,but it was only to show herself,that they might see how grand she had become;but when she came to the entrance of the village,and the young husband men and maids stood there chatting,and her own mother appeared among them,sitting on a stone to rest,and with a faggot of sticks before her that she had picked up in the wood,then Inger turned back,for she felt ashamed that she,who was so finely dressed,should have for a mother a ragged woman,who picked up wood in the forestShe did not in the least feel sorry for having turned back,she was only annoyed

      And anther half-year went by,and her mistress said again,“you ought to go to your home,and visit your old parents,IngerI'll make you a present of a great wheaten loaf that you may give to themthey will certainly be glad to see you again.”

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      And Inger put on her best clothes,and her new shoes,and drew her skirts around her,and set out,stepping very carefully,that she might be clean and neat about the feet;and there was no harm in thatBut when she came to the place where the footwear led across the marsh,and where there was mud and puddles,she threw the loaf into the mud,and trod upon it to pass over without wetting her feetBut as she stood there with one foot upon the loaf and the other uplifted to step farther,the loaf sank with her,deeper and deeper,till she disappeared altogether,and only a great puddle,from which the bubbles rose,remained where she had been

      And that's the story

      But whither did Inger go?She went down to the marsh woman[,who is always brewing there.]The marsh woman is cousin to the elf maidens,who are well enough known,of whom songs are sung,and of whom pictures are painted;but concerning the marsh woman it is only known that when the meadows steam in summer-time it is because she is brewingInto the marsh woman's brewery did Inger sink down;and no one can endure that place longA box of mud is a palace compared with the marsh woman's breweryEvery barrel there had an odour that almost takes away one's senses;and the barrels stand close to each other;and wherever there is a little opening among them,through which one might push one's way,then one cannot get through for the number of damp toads and fat snakes who are all in a tangle thereAmong this company did Inger fall;and all the horrible mass of living creeping things was so icy cold,that she shuddered in all her limbs,and became stark and stiffShe continued fastened to the loaf,and the loaf drew her down as an amber button draws a fragment of straw

      The marsh woman was at home,and on that day the Devil and his grandmother had come to inspect the brewery;and she is a venomous old woman,who is never idleshe never rides out to pay a visit without taking her work with her;she also had it here She sewed gadding leather to be worked into men's shoes,and that makes them wander about unable to settle anywhereShe wove webs of lies,and strung together hastily-spoken words that had fall-en to the ground and all this was done for the injury and ruin of mankindYes,indeed,she knew how to sew,to weave,and to string,did this old grandmother!

      Catching sight of Inger,she put up her double eye-glass,and took another look at the girl

      That's a girl who has ability!”she observed,“and I beg you will give me the little one as a memento of my visit hereShe'll make a capital statue to stand in my grand-son's antechamber.”

      And Inger was given up to her,and this is how Inger came into HellPeople don't always go there by the direct path,but they can get there by roundabout routes if they have a tendency in that direction

      That was a never-ending antechamberThe visitor be-came giddy who looked forward,and doubly giddy when he looked back,and saw a whole crowd of people,almost utterly exhausted,waiting till the gate of mercy should be opened to themthey had to wait a long time!Great fat waddling spiders spun webs of a thousand years over their feet,and these webs cut like wire,and bound them like bronze fetters;and,moreover,there was an eternal unrest working in every hearta miserable unrestThe miserstood there,and had forgotten the key of his strong box,and he knew the key was sticking in the lockIt would take too long to describe the various sorts of torture that were found there togetherInger felt a terrible pain while she had to stand there as a statue,for she was tied fast to the loaf

      That's the fruit of wishing to keep one's feet neat and tidy,”she said to herself.“Just look how they're all staring at me!”

      Yes,certainly,the eyes of all were fixed upon her,and their evil thoughts gleamed fortb from their eyes,and they spoke to one another,moving their lips,from which no sound whatever came forththey were very horrible to behold

      It must be a great pleasure to look at me!”thought Inger,“and indeed I have a pretty face and fine clothes.”And she turned her eyes;her neck was too stiff to turnBut she had not considered how her olothes had been soiled in the marsh woman's brewhouseHer garments were covered with mud;a snake had fastened in her hair,and dangled down her back;and out of each fold of her frock a great toad looked forth,croaking like an asthmatic poodleThat was very unpleasantBut all the rest of them down here also look horrible,“she observed to herself,and de-rived consolation from the thought

      The worst of all was the terrible hunger that tormented herBut could she not stoop and break off a piece of the loaf,on which she stood?No,her back was too stiff,her bands and arms were benumbed,and her whole body was like a pillar of stone;she was only able to turn her eyes in her head,to turn them quite round,so that she could see backwardsit was an ugly sightAnd then the flies came up,and crept to and fro over her eyes,and she blinked her eyes but the flies would not go away,for they could not go away,for they could not flytheir wings had been pulled out,so that they were converted into creeping in-sectsit was horrible torment added to the hunger,for she felt empty,quite,entirely empty

      If this lasts much longer,”she said,“I shall not be able to bear it.”

      But she had to hear it,and it lasted on and on

      Then a hot tear fell down upon her head,rolled over her face and neck,down on to the loaf on which she stood and then another tear rolled down,followed by many moreWho might be weeping for Inger?Had she not still a mother in the world?The tears of sorrow which a mother weeps for her child always make their way to the child;but they do not relieve it,they only increase its tormentAnd now to bear this unendurable hunger,and yet not to be able to touch the loaf on which she stood!She felt as if she had been feeding on herself,and had become like a thin hollow reed that takes in every sound,for she heard everything that was said of her up in the world,and all that she heard was hard and evilHer mother,indeed,wept much and sorrowed for her,but for all that she said,“A haughty spirit goes before a fallThat was thy ruin,IngerThou hast sorely grieved they mother.”

      Her mother and all on earth knew of the sin she had committed;knew that she had trodden upon the loaf,and had sunk and disappeared;for the cowherd had seen it from the hill beside the marsh

      Greatly hast thou grieved they mother,Inger,”said the mother;“yes,yes,I thought it would be thus.”

      Oh that I had never been born!”thought Inger;“it would have been far betterBut what use is my mother's weeping now?”

      And she heard how her master and mistress,who had kept and cherished her like kind parents,now said she was a sinful child,and did not value the gifts of God,but trampled them under her feet,and that the gates of mercy would only open slowly to her

      They should have punished me,”thought Inger,and have driven out the whims I had in my head.”

      She heard how a complete song was made about her,a song of the proud girl who trod upon the loaf to keep her shoes clean,and she heard how the song was sung every-where

      That I should have to bear so much evil for that!”thought Inger;“the others ought to be punished,too,for their sinsYes,then there would be plenty of punishing to doAh,how I'm being tortured!”

      And her heart became harder than her outward form

      Here in this company one can't even become better,”she said,“and I don't want to become better!Look,how they're all staring at me!”And her heart was full of anger and malice against all men.“Now they've something to talk about at last up yonderAh,how I'm being tortured!”

      And then she heard how her story was told to the little children,and the little ones called her the godless Inger,and said she was so naughty and ugly that she must be well punished

      Thus even the children's mouths spoke hard words of her

      But one day,while grief and hunger gnawed her hollow frame,and she heard her name mentioned and her story told to an innocent child,a little girl,she became aware that the little one burst into tears at the tale of the haughty,vain Inger

      But will Inger never come up here again?”asked the little girl

      And the reply was,“She will never come up again.”

      But if she were to beg for forgiveness,and say she would never do so again?”

      But she will not beg for forgiveness,”was the reply

      I should be so glad if she would,”said the little girl;and she was quite inconsolable.“I'll give my doll and all my playthings if she may only come upIt's too dreadfulpoor Inger!”

      And these words penetrated to Inger's heart,and seemed to do her goodIt was the first time any one had said,“Poor Inger,”without adding anything about her faultsa little innocent child was weeping and praying for herIt made her feel quite strangely,and she herself would gladly have wept,but she could not weep,and that was a torment in itself

      While years were passing above her,for where she was there was no change,she heard herself spoken of more and more seldomAt last one day a sigh struck on her ear:“Inger,Inger,how you have grieved me!I said how it would be!”It was the last sigh of her dying mother

      Occasionally she heard her name spoken by her former employers,and they were pleasant words when the woman said,“Shall I ever see thee again,Inger?One knows not what may happen.”

      But Inger knew right well that her good mistress would never come to the place where she was

      And again time went ona long,bitter timeThen Inger heard her name pronounced once more,and saw two bright stars that seemed gleaming above herThey were two gentle eyes closing upon earthSo many years had gone by since the little girl had been inconsolable and wept aboutpoor Inger”,that the child had become an old woman,who was now to be called home to heaven;and in the last hour of existence,when the events of the whole life stand at once before us,the old woman remembered how as a child she had cried heartily at the story of IngerThat time and that impression came so clearly be-fore the old woman in her last hour,that she called out quite loud:“have not I also,like Inger,often trod upon the gifts of heaven without thinking?have not I also gone about with pride at my heart?Yet Thou in Thy mercy hast not let me sink,but hast held me upLeave me not in last hour!”

      And the eyes of the old woman closed,and the eye of her soul was opened to look upon the hidden thingsShe,in whose last thoughts Inger had been present so vividly,saw how deeply the poor girl had sunk,and burst into tears at the sight;in heaven she stood like a child,and wept for poor IngerAnd her tears and prayers sounded like an echo in the dark empty space that surrounded the tormented captive soul,and the unhopedfor love from above conquered her,for an angel was weeping for herWhy was this vouchsafed to her?The tormented soul seemed to gather in her thoughts every deed she had done on earth,and she,Inger,trembled and wept such tears as she had never yet weptShe was filled with sorrow about herselfit seemed as though the gate of mercy could never open to her;and while in deep penitence she ac-knowledged this,a beam of light shot radiantly down into the depths to her,with a greater force than that of the sun beam which melt the snow man the boys have built up;and quicker than the snow-flake melts,and becomes a drop of water that falls on the warm lips of a child,the stony form of Inger was changed to mist,and a little bird soared with the speed of lightning upward into the world of menBut the bird was timid and shy towards all things around;it was ashamed of itself,ashamed to encounter any living thing,and hurriedly sought to conceal itself in a dark hole in an old crumbling wall;there it sat cowering,trembling through its whole frame,and unable to utter a sound,for it had no voiceLong it sat there before it could rightly see all the beauty around it;for beauty there wasThe air was fresh and mild,the moon shone so clear;trees and bushes exhaled fragrance,and it was right pleasant where it sat,and its coat of feathers was clean and pureHow all creation seemed to speak of beneficence and love!The bird wanted to sing of the thoughts that stirred in its breast,but it could not;gladly would it have sung as the cuckoo and the nightingale sang in spring-timeBut Heaven,that hears the mute song of praise of the worm,could hear the notes of praise which now trembled in the breast of the bird,as David's psalms were heard before they had fashioned themselves into words and song

      For weeks these toneless songs stirred within the bird;at last,the holy Christmas-time approachedThe peasant who dwelt near set up a pole by the old wall,with some ears of corn bound to the top,that the birds of heaven might have a good meal,and rejoice in the happy,blessed time

      And on Christmas morning the sun arose and shone upon the ears of corn,which were surrounded by a number of twittering birdsThen out of the hole in the wall streamed forth the voice of another bird,and the bird soared forth from its hiding-place;and in heaven it was well known what bird this was

      It was a hard winterThe ponds were covered with ice,and the beasts of the field and the birds of the air were stinted for foodOur little bird flew away over the high road,and in the ruts of the sledges it found here and there a grain of corn,and at the halting-places some crumbs

      Of these it ate only a few,but it called all the other hungry sparrows around it,that they,too,might have some foodIt flew into the towns,and looked round about;and where ever a kind hand had strewn bread on the window sill for the birds,it only ate a single crumb itself,and gave all the rest to the other birds

      In the course of the winter,the bird had collected so many bread crumbs,and given them to the other birds,that they equaled the weight of the loaf on which Inger had trod to keep her shoes clean;and when the last bread crumb had been found and given,the grey wings of the bird became white,and spread far out

      Yonder is a sea-swallow,flying away across the water,”said the children when they saw the white birdNow it dived into the sea,and now it rose again into the clear sunlightIt gleamed white;but no one could tell whither it went,though some asserted that it flew straight into the sun



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