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      THE railway in Denmark extends as yet only from Copenhagen to Kors r;it is a string of pearls,such as Europe has abundance of;the most costly beads there are called Paris,London,Vienna and NaplesYet many a one does not point to these great cities as his loveliest pearl,but on the contrary to a little,unimportant town;there is the home of homes,there his dear ones live!Yes,often it is only a single farm,a little house,hidden amongst green hedges,a mere point which disappears as the train flashes past it

      How many pearls are there on the string from Copenhagen to Kors r?We will consider six,which most people must take notice of;old memories and poetry itself give these pearls a lustre,so that they shine in our thoughts

      Close by the hill where the castle of Frederick the Sixth lies,the home of Oehlenschl ger's childhood,one of the pearls glitters in the shelter of S ndermarken's woods;it was calledThe Cottage of Philemon and Baucis,”that is to say,the home of a lovable old coupleHere lived Rahbek with his wife Emma;here,under their hospitable roof,for a whole generation several men of genius came together from busy Copenhagen;here was a home of intellect,—and now!Say not:“Alas,how changed!”—no,it is still a home of intellect,a conservatory for pining plants!The flowerbud which is not strong enough to unfold itself yet contains,concealed,all the germs for leaf and seedHere the sun of intellect shines into a carefully guarded home of intellect,enlivening and giving lifeThe world round about shines through the eyes into the unfathomable depths of the soulThe idiotshome,encompassed with human love,is a holy place,a conservatory for the pining plants,which shall at some time be transplanted and bloom in the garden of GodHere the weakest in intellect are now assembled,where at one time the greatest and most powerful minds met,exchanged ideas,and were lifted upwardand the soul's flame still mounts upwards inThe Cottage of Philemon and Baucis.”

      The town of the royal tombs beside Hroar's well,the old Roskilde,lies before us!The slender spires of the cathedral towers soar above the lowbuilt town,and mirror themselves in IsefiordOne grave only will we search for here,and regard it in the sheen of the pearl;it is not that of the great Queen Margaretno,within the churchyard,close to whose white wall we fly past,is the grave;a common stone is laid over it;the master of the organ,the reviver of Danish romance,lies hereThe old traditions became melodies in our soul;we learned that whereThe clear waves rolled,”“there dwelt a king in Leire!”Roskilde,the burial place of kings!In thy pearl will we look at the simple grave,where on the stone is carved a lyre and the name of Weyse

      Now we come to Sigersted near the town of Ringsted;the riverbed lies low;the golden corn grows where Hagbarth's boat put in to the bank,not far from the maidenbower of SigneWho does not know the story of Hagbarth,who was hanged in the oak,and Little Signe's bower which stood in flames;the legend of strong love!

      Lovely Sor surrounded by woods!”the quiet cloistertown peeps out between the moss-grown trees;with the glance of youth it looks out from the academy over the lake to the world's highway,and hears the engine's dragon puff whilst it flies through the woodSor ,thou pearl of poetry,which preserves the dust of HolbergLike a great white swan beside the deep woodland lake lies thy palace of learning,and near to it shines,like the white starwort in the woods,a little house to which our eyes turn;from it pious psalms sound through the land,words are uttered in it,even the peasant listens to them and learns of vanished times in DenmarkThe green wood and the song of the birds go together;so also do the names of Sor and Ingemann

      On to the town of Slagelse—!What is reflected here in the sheen of the pearl?Vanished is the cloister of Antvorskov,vanished the rich halls of the castle,and even its soliary deserted wing;still one old relic remains,renewed and again renewed,a wooden cross on the hill over there,where in legendary times,StAndrew,the priest of Slagelse,wakened up,borne hither in one night from Jerusalem

      Kors rhere wert thou born,who gave us

      Jest with earnest blended

      In songs of Knud the voyager

      Thou master of words and wit!The decaying old ramparts of the forsaken fortress are now the last visible witness of the home of thy childhood;when the sun sets,their shadows point to where thy birthplace stood;from these ramparts,looking towards the height of Sprog ,thou sawest,when thou wast small,“the moon glide down behind the isle,”and sang of it in immortal strains,as thou since hast sung of the mountains of Switzerland;thou,who didst wander about in the la byrinth of the world and found that

      Nowhere is the rose so red,

      And nowhere are the thorns so few,

      And nowhere is the couch so soft

      As those our simple childhood knew

      Thou lively singer of wit!We weave thee a garland of woodruff,and cast it in the lake,and the waves will bear it to Kielerfiord,on whose coast thy dust is laid;it brings a greeting from the young generation,a greeting from the town of thy birth,Kors rwhere the string of pearls is broken

      It is indeed a string of pearls from Copenhagen to Kors r,”said Grandmother,who had heard what we have just read.“It is a string of pearls for me,and it had already come to be that for me more than forty years ago,”said she.“We had no steam-engines then;we spent days on the way,where you now only spend hoursIt was in 1815;I was twentyone thenit is a delightful age!And yet up in the sixties is also a delightful age,so full of blessings!In my young days it was a greater event than now to get to Copenhagen,the town of all towns,as we considered itMy parents wished,after twenty years,once again to pay a visit to it,and I was to accompany themWe had talked of the journey for years,and now it was really to take place;I thought that quite a new life would begin,and,in a way,a new life really began for me

      There was such sewing and packing,and when it was time to depart,how many good friends came to bid us good-bye!It was a big journey we had before us!It was in the forenoon that we drove out of Odense in my parents' carriage;acquaintances nodded from the windows all the way up the street,almost until we were out of StGeorge's GateThe weather was lovely,the birds sang,all was delightful;one forgot that it was a long,difficult road to NyborgTowards evening we came thereThe post did not arrive until late in the night,and the boat did not leave before that,but we went on boardThe great water lay before us,as far as we could see,so smooth and stillWe lay down in our clothes and slept

      When I wakened and came on deck in the morning,nothing could be seen on either side,there was such a fogI heard the cocks crowing,observed that the sun had risen,and heard the bells ringingWhere could we be?The fog lifted,and we actually were still lying just out from NyborgDuring the day a slight wind blew,but dead against us;we tacked and tacked,and finally we were fortunate enough to get to Kors r a little after eleven in the evening,after we had spent twenty-two hours in traversing the eighteen miles

      It was nice to get on land,but it was dark;the lamps burned badly,and everything was so perfectly strange to me,who had never been in any town except Odense

      “‘Look,’said my father,‘here Baggesen was born,and here Birckner livedThen it seemed to me that the old town with the little houses grew at once brighter and larger;we also felt so glad to have firm land under usI could not sleep that night for thinking of all that I had already seen and experienced since I left home the day before last

      “‘We had to rise early next morning,as we had before us a bad road with very steep hills and many holes,until we came to Slagelse,and beyond,on the other side of Slagelse,it was not much better,and we wished to arrive early at theCrab’,so that we might walk into Sor by daylight and visit the miller's Emil,as we called him;yes,it was your grandfather,my late husband,the dean;he was a student at Sor ,and had just passed his second examination

      We came to theCrabin the afternoon;it was a fashionable place at that time,the best inn on the whole of the journey,and the most charming district;yes,you must all allow it is stiff thatShe was an active hostess,MrsPlambek;everything in the house was like a well-scoured tableOn the wall hung Baggesen's letter to her,framed and under glass,and well worth seeing;to me it was something very notable

      Then we went up to Sor ,and there met EmilYou may suppose that he was glad to see us,and we to see him,and he was so good and attentiveWith him we saw the church with Absalon's grave and Holberg's coffin;we saw the old monkish inscriptions,and we sailed over the lake toParnassus’;the most beautiful evening I can remember!It seemed to me that if one could make poetry anywhere in the world,it must be at Sor ,in this peace and beauty of nature

      Then in the moonlight we went along thePhilosopher's Walk’,as they call it,the lovely,lonely path by the lake and the stream,out towards the highroad leading to theCrab’.Emil stayed to supper with us;Father and Mother thought he had grown so sensible and looked so wellHe promised us that he would be in Copenhagen in five days,at his own home and together with us,for WhitsuntideThese hours in Sor and theCrabbelong to my life's loveliest pearls

      Next morning we set out very early,for we had a long way to go before we reached Roskilde,and we must get there betimes,so that the cathedral might be seen,and,in the evening father could have time to visit an old friendThis was duly carried out,and then we spent the night in Roskilde,and next day,but only by dinner-time,for it was the worst and most cutup road that we had yet to travel,we arrived in CopenhagenWe had spent about three days from Kors r to Copenhagen;now the same distance is done in three hoursThe beads have not become more precious,they could not be that;but the string is new and marvellousI stayed with my parents in Copenhagen for three weeksEmil was with us the whole time,and when we travelled back to Fyen,he accompanied us all the way from Copenhagen to Kors r;there we became engaged before we parted!So now you can understand that I also call from Copenhagen to Kors r a string of pearls

      Afterwards,when Emil was called to Assens,we were marriedWe often talked of the journey to Copenhagen,and about doing it once again,but then first came your mother,and after that she got brothers and sisters,and there was much to look after and to take care of,and when father was promoted and became dean,of course everything was a pleasure and a joy,but to Copenhagen we never gotI never was there again,however often we thought and talked about it,and now I am too old,I have not the strength to travel on the railway;but I am glad of the railwaysIt is a blessing that we have them!With them you come all the quicker to me!

      Now Odense is not much farther from Copenhagen than it was from Nybory in my young daysYou can now fly to Italy as quickly as we travelled to Copenhagen!Yes,that is something!—all the same I shall sit still,and let others travel,let them come to me!But you ought not to laugh either,because I sit so still!I have a great journey before me quite different from yours,one that is much quicker than by the railwaysWhen our Father wills it,I shall go to join your grandfather,and when you have completed your work,and enjoyed yourselves here in this dear world,I know that you will come up to us,and if we talk there about our earthly days,believe me,children,I shall also say there as now,‘from Copenhagen to Kors r is indeed a string of pearls!’



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