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      THERE was sorrow in the house,sorrow in every heartTheyoungest child,aboy four years old,the joy and hope of his parents had diedThere still remained to them two daughters,the elder of whom was about to be confirmedgood,charming girls both;but the child that one has lost always seems the dearest;and here it was the youngest,and a sonIt was a heavy trialThe sisters mourned as young hearts can,and were especially moved at the sight of their parents' sorrowThe father was bowed down,and the mother completely overpowered by the great griefDay and night she had been busy about the sick child,and had tended,lifted,and carried it;she had felt how it was a part of herselfShe could not realize that the child was dead,and that it must be laid in a coffin and sleep in the groundShe thought God could not take this child from her;and when it was so,nevertheless,and there could he no more doubt on the subject,she said in her feverish pain,

      God did not know itHe has heartless servants here on earth,who do according to their own liking,and hear not the prayers of a mother.”

      In her grief she fell away from God,and then there came dark thoughts,thoughts of death,of everlasting deaththat man was but dust in the dust,and that with this life all was endedBut these thoughts gave her no stay,nothing on which she could take hold;and she sank into the fathomless abyss of despair

      In her heaviest hours she could weep no more,and she thought not of the young daughters who were still left to herThe tears of her husband fell upon her forehead,but she did not look at himHer thoughts were with the dead child;her whole thought and being were fixed upon it,to call back every remembrance of the little one,every innocent childish word it had uttered

      The day of the funeral cameFor nights before,the mother had not slept;but in the morning twilight she now slept,overcome by weariness;and in the meantime the coffin was carried into a distant room,and there nailed down,that she might not hear the blows of the hammer

      When she awoke,and wanted to see her child,the husband said,

      We have nailed down the coffinIt was necessary to do so.”

      When God is hard towards me,how should men be better?”she said,with sobs and groans

      The coffin was carried to the graveThe inconsolable mother sat with her young daughtersShe looked at her daughters,and yet did not see them,for her thoughts were no longer busied with homeShe gave herself up to her grief,and grief tossed her to and fro as the sea tosses a ship without compass or rudderSo the day of the funeral passed away,and similar days followed,of dark,wearying painWith moist eyes and mournful glances,the sorrowing daughters and the afflicted husband looked upon her who would not hear their words of comfort;and,indeed,what words of comfort could they speak to her,when they themselves were heavily bowed down?

      It seemed as though she knew sleep no more;and yet he would now have been her best friend,who would have strengthened her body,and poured peace into her soulThey persuaded her to seek her couch,and she lay still there,like one who sleptOne night her husband was listening to her breathing,and fully believed that she had now found rest and reliefHe folded his arms and prayed,and,soon sank into a deep healthy sleep;and thus he did not notice that his wife arose,threw on her clothes,and silently glided from the house,to go where her thoughts always lingeredto the grave which held her childShe stepped through the garden of the house,and over the fields,where a path led to the churchyardNo one saw her and she saw no one

      It was a lovely starlight night;the air was still mild;it was in the beginning of SeptemberShe entered the churchyard,and stood by the little grave,which looked like a great nosegay of fragrant flowersShe sat down,and bowed her head low over the grave, as if she could have seen her child through the earth,her little boy,whose smile rose so vividly before herthe gentle expression of whose eyes, even on his sick bed, she could never for-getHow eloquent had that glance been,when she had bent over him and seized his delicate hand,which he had no longer strength to raise! As she had sat by his crib,so she now sat by his grave,but here her tears had free course, and fell thick upon the grave

      Thou wouldst gladly go down and be with thy child,said a voice quite close to her,a voice that sounded so clear and deep, it went straight to her heart

      She looked up, and near her stood a man wrapped in a black cloak, with a hood drawn closely down over his faceBut she glanced keenly up,and saw his face under his hood It was stern, but yet awakened confidence, and his eyes beamed with the radiance of youth

      Down to my child!she repeated; and a despairing supplication spoke out of her、words

      Darest thou follow me? asked the form.“I am Death.”

      And she bowed her head in assent Then suddenly it seemed as though all the stars were shining with the radiance of the full moon;she saw the varied colours of the flowers on the grave, and the covering of earth was gradually withdrawn like a floating drapery ;and she sank down,and the apparition covered her with his black cloak; night closed around her,the night of death,and she sank deeper than the sexton's spade can penetrate,and the churchyard was as a roof over her head

      A corner of the cloak was removed, and she stood in a great hall which spread wide and pleasantly aroundIt was twilightBut in a moment her child appeared,and was pressed to her heart, smiling at her in greater beauty than he had ever possessedShe uttered a cry,but it was inaudible, for a glorious swelling strain of music sounded close to her,and then in the distance,and then again close at handnever had such tones fallen on her ear;they came from beyond the great dark curtain which separated the hall from the great land of eternity beyond

      My sweet darling mother”,she heard her child say

      It was the well-known,muchloved voice, and kiss followed kiss in boundless felicity;and the child pointed to the dark curtain

      It is not so beautiful on earthDo you see,motherdo you see them all? Oh, that is happiness!”

      But the mother saw nothing which the child pointed outnothing but the dark night She looked with earthly eyes,and could not see as the child saw,whom God had called to HimselfShe could hear the sounds of the music,but not the wordthe Word in which she was to believe

      Now I can fly, motherI can fly with all the other happy children into the presence of the AlmightyI would fain fly ;but,if you weep as you are weeping now,I might be lost to youand yet I would go so gladlyMay I not fly?And you will come to me soonwill you not, dear mother?”

      Oh, stay! Stay! entreated the mother.“Only one moment moreonly once more I should wish to look at thee,and kiss thee, and press thee in my arms.”

      And she kissed and fondled the childThen her name was called from abovecalled in a plaintive voiceWhat might this mean?

      Hearest thou?”asked the child.“It is my father who calls thee.”

      And in a few moments deep sighs were heard,as of weeping children

      They are my sisters,” said the child.“Mother, you surely have not forgotten them?”

      And then she remembered those she had left behindA great terror came upon herShe looked out into the night,and above her dim forms were flitting pastShe seemed to recognize a few more of theseThey floated through the Hall of Death towards the dark curtain,and there they vanished Would her husband and her daughters thus flit past? No, their sighs and lamentations still sounded from aboveand she had been nearly forgetting them for the sake of him who was dead!

      Mother, now the bells of heaven are ringing,” said the child.“Mother, now the sun is going to rise.”

      And an overpowering light streamed in upon herThe child had vanished,and she was borne upwardsIt became cold round about her,and she lifted up her head,and saw that she was lying in the churchyard,on the grave of her child

      But the Lord had been a stay unto her feet, in a dream,and a light to her spirit; and she bowed her knees and prayed for forgiveness that she had wished to keep back a soul from its immortal flight,and that she had for-gotten her duties towards the living who were left to her

      And when she had spoken those words, it was as if her heart were lightenedThen the sun burst forth, and over her head a little bird sang out,and the church bells sounded for early serviceEverything was holy around her,and her heart was chastenedShe acknowledged the goodness of God,acknowledged the duties she had to perform,and eagerly she went homeShe bent over her bus-band, who still slept;her warm devoted kiss awakened him,and heart-felt words of love came from the lips of bothAnd she was gentle and strong as a wife can be;and from her came the consoling words,

      God's will is always the best

      Then her husband asked her,“From whence hast thou all at once derived this strengththis feeling of consolation?”

      And she kissed him, and kissed her children, and said,

      They came from God, through the child in the grave.”



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