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      IT was bitterly cold;the sky gleamed with stars,and not a breeze was stirring

      Bump!An old pot was thrown at the neighborshouse doorsBang!Bang!went the gun;for they were welcoming the New YearIt was New Year's Eve!The church clock was striking twelve!

      Tan-ta-ra-ra! The mail came inThe great carriage stopped at the gate of the townThere were twelve persons in it;all the places were taken

      Hurrah!Hurrah!”sang the people in the houses of the town,for the New Year was being welcomed,and they had just risen with the filled glass in the their hand,to drink success to the new year

      Happy New Year!”was the cry.“A pretty wife,plenty of money,and no sorrow or care!”

      This wish was passed round,and then glasses were clashed together till they rang again,and in front of the town gate the post-carriage stopped with the strange guests,the twelve travelers

      And who were these strangers?Each of them had his passport and his luggage with him;they even brought presents for me and for you and for all the people of the little townWho are they?What did they want? and what did they bring with them?

      Good morning!”they cried to the sentry at the town gate

      Good morning!” replied the sentry,for the clock struck twelve

      Your name and profession?”the sentry inquired of the one who alighted first from the carriage

      See yourself,in the passport,”replied the man.“I am myself!”And a capital fellow he looked,arrayed in a bear-skin and fur boots.“I am the man on whom many persons fix their hopesCome to me tomorrow,and I'll give you a New Year s presentI throw pence and dollars among the people,I even give balls,thirty-one balls;but I cannot devote more than thirty-one nights to thisMy ships are frozen in,but in my office it is warm and comfortableI'm a merchantMy name is JANUARY,and I only Carry accounts with me.”

      Now the second alightedHe was a merry companion;he was a theater director,manager of the masque balls,and all the amusements one can imagineHis luggage consisted of a great tub

      We'll knock more than the cat out of the tub at the Shrovetide sports,” said he.“I'll prepare a merry tune for you and myself tooI have the shortest lifetime of whole family,for I only become twenty-eightSometimes they pop me in an extra day,but I trouble myself very little about thatHurrah!”

      You must not shout so!”said the sentry

      Certainly,I may shout!”retorted the man.“I'm Prince Carnival,traveling under the name of FEBRU-ARY!”

      The third now got outHe looked like Fasting itself,but carried his nose very high,for he was related to the Forty Knights”,and was a weather prophetBut that's not a profitable office,and that's why he praised fastingIn his buttonhole he had a little bunch of violets,but they were very small

      MARCH!MARCH!”the fourth called after him,and slapped him on the shoulder.“Into the guardroom;there is punch!I can smell it.”

      But it was not true;he only wanted to make an APRIL fool of him;for with that the fourth began his career in the townHe looked very jovial,did little work,but had the more holidays

      Up and down it goes with one 's humor!”said he;“now rain,now sunshineI can a kind of house and office-letting agent,also a manager of funeralsI can both laugh and cry,according to circumstancesHere in this box I have my summer wardrobe,but it would be very foolish to put it onHere I am now!On Sundays I go out walking in shoes and silk stockings,and with a muff!”

      After him,a lady came out of the carriageShe called herself Miss MAYShe wore a summer costume and overshoes,a light green dress,and anemones in her hair,and she was so scented with wood ruff that the sentry had to sneeze

      God bless you!”she said,and that was her salutation

      How pretty she was!And she was a singer,not a theater singer,but a singer of the woods,for she roamed through the gay green forest,and sang there for her own amusement

      Now comes the young dame!”said those in the carriage

      And the young dame stepped out,delicate,proud,and prettyIt was easy to see that she was Mistress JUNE,accustomed to be served by drowsy marmotsShe gave a great feast on the longest day of the year,that the guests might have time to partake of the many dishes at her tableShe,indeed,kept her own carriage;but still she traveled in the mail with the rest,because she wanted to show that she was not high-mindedBut she was not without protection;her elder brother JULY was with her

      He was a plump young fellow,clad in summer garments,and with a Panama hatHe had but little baggage with him,because it was cumbersome in the great heat;therefore he had only swimming-drawers,and those are not much

      Then came the mother herself,Madam AUGUST,wholesale dealer in fruit,proprieties of a large number of fishponds,and land cultivator,in a great crinoline;she was fat and hot,could use her hands well,and would herself carry out beer to the workmen in the fields

      In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,”said she:“that is written in the BookAfterwards one can have dancing in the green wood,and the harvest feasts!”

      She was a thorough housewife

      After her, a man came out of the coach,a painter,MrMaster-colourerThe forest had to receive him;the leaves were to change their colours,but how beautifully!When he wished it;soon the wood gleamed with red,yel-low,and brownThe master whistled like the black mag-pie,was a quick workman,and wound the brown green hop plants round his beer-jugThat was an ornament for the jug,and he had a good idea of ornamentThere he stood with his colour pot,and that was his whole luggage

      A landed proprietor followed him,one who cared for the ploughing and preparing of the land,and also for field sportsHe brought his dog and his Run with him,and had nuts in his game-bag.“Crack!Crack!”He had much baggage,even an English plough;and he spoke of farming,but one could scarcely hear what he said,for the coughing and gasping of his neighbor

      It was NOVEMBER who cameHe was very much plagued by a cold,a violent cold,so that he used a sheet and not a pocket-handkerchief,and yet,he said,he was obliged to accompany the servant girls to their new winter placesHe said he should get rid of his cold when he went out wood-cutting,and had to saw and split wood,for he was master-sawyer to the firewood guildHe spent his evenings cutting the wooden soles for skates,for he knew,he said,that in a few weeks there would be occasion to use these amusing shoes

      At length appeared the last passenger,the old Mother with her fire-stoolThe old lady was cold,but her eyes glistened like two bright starsShe carried a flower-pot with a little fir tree

      This tree I will guard and cherish,that it may grow large by Christmas Eve,and may reach from the ground to the ceiling,and may rear itself upward with flaming candles,golden apples,and little carved figuresThe fire-stool warms like a stoveI bring the story-book out of my pocket and read aloud,so that all the children in the room become quite quiet;but the little figures on the trees be-come lively,and the little waxen angel on the top spreads out his wings of gold leaf,flies down from his green perch,and kisses great and small in the room,yes,even the poor children who stand outside,singing the carol about the Star of Bethlehem.”

      Well,now the coach may drive away!”said the sentry:“we have the whole twelveLet a new chaise drive up.”

      First let all the twelve come in to me,”said the captain on duty,“one after the otherThe passports I will keep hereEach of them is available for a month;when that has passed,I shall write their behavior on each pass-portMrJanuary,have the goodness to come here.”

      And MrJanuary stepped forward

      When a year is passed I think I shall be able to tell you what the twelve have brought to me,and to you,and to all of usNow I do not know it,and they don't know it themselves,probably,for we live in strange times



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