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      I will tell you a story which was told to me when I was a little boyEvery time I thought of the story,it seemed to me to become more and more charming;for it is with stories as it is with many peoplethey become better as they grow older

      I take it for granted that you have been in the country,and seen a very old farm-house with a thatched roof,and mosses and small plants growing wild upon the thatchThere is a stork's nest on the summit of the gable;for we can't do without the storkThe walls of the house are sloping,and the windows are low,and only one of the latter is made so that it will openThe baking-oven sticks out of the wall like a little fat bodyThe elder tree hangs over the paling,where there is a little pool of water with a duck or ducklings,right under the gnarled willow treeThere is a yard dog too,who barks at all comers

      Just such a farm-house stood out in the country;and in this house dwelt an old couplea peasant and his wifeSmall as was their property,there was one article among it that they could do withouta horse,which made a living out of the grass it found by the side of the high roadThe old peasant rode into the town on this horse;and often his neighbors borrowed it from him,and rendered the old couple some service in return for the loan of itBut they thought it would be best if they sold the horse,or ex-changed it for something that might be more useful to themBut what might this something be?

      You'll know that best,old man,”said the wife.“It is fair-day today,so ride into town,and get rid of the horse for money,or make a good exchangewhichever you do will be right to meRide off to the fair.”

      And she fastened his neckerchief for him,for she could do that better than he could;and she tied it in a double bow,for she could do that very prettilyThen she brushed his hat round and round with the palm of her hand,and gave him a kissSo he rode away upon the horse that was to be sold or to be bartered for something elseYes,the old man knew what he was about

      The sun shone hot,and not a cloud was to be seen in the skyThe road was very dusty,for many people who were all bound for the fair were driving,or riding,or walking upon itThere was no shelter anywhere from the sunbeams

      Among the rest,a man was trudging along,and driving a cow to the fairThe cow was as beautiful a creature as any cow can be

      She gives good milk,I'm sure,said the peasant.“That would be a very good exchangethe cow for the horse.”

      Hallo,you there with the cow!”he said.“Shall we two not talk a little together?I tell you whatI fancy a horse costs more than a cow,but I don't mind that;a cow would be more useful to meIf you like,we'll exchange.”

      To be sure I will,”said the man;and they exchanged accrdingly

      So that was settled,and the peasant might have turned back,for he had done the business he came to do;but as he had once made up his mind to go to the fair,he determined to proceed,merely to have a look at it;and so he went on to the town with his cow

      Leading the animal,he strode sturdily on;and after a short time,he overtook a man who was driving a sheepIt was a good fat sheep,with a fine fleece on its back

      I should like to have that fellow,”said our peasant to himself.“He would find plenty of grass by our palings,and in the winter we could keep him in the room with usPerhaps it would be more practical to have a sheep instead of a cowShall we exchange?”

      The man with the sheep was quite ready,and the bargain was struckSo our peasant wenton in the high road with his sheep

      Beside a stile he saw another man,carrying a great goose under his arm

      That's a heavy thing you have thereIt has plenty of feathers and plenty of fat,and would look well tied to a string,and paddling in the water at our placeThat would be something for my old woman to collect peelings forHow often she has said,‘If we only had a goose!’Now she can have one;and it shall be hersShall we ex-change?I'll give you my sheep for your goose,and thank you into the bargain.”

      The other man had not the least objection;and accordingly they exchanged,and our peasant got the goose

      By this time he was very near the townThe crowd on the high road became greater and greater;there was quite a crush of men and cattleThey walked in the road,and close by the ditch;and at the barrier they even walked into the toll-man's potato-field,where his own fowl was strutting about with a string to its leg,lest it should take fright at the crowd,and stray away,and so be lostThis fowl had short tail-feathers,and winked with both its eyes,and looked very well.“Cluck,cluck!”said the fowlWhat it thought when it said this I cannot tell you;but directly our good man saw it,he thought,“That's the finest fowl I've ever seen in my life!Why,it's finer than our parson's brood henOn my word,I should like to have that fowlA fowl can always find a grain or two,and can almost keep itselfI think it would be a good exchange if I could get that for my goose.”

      Shall we exchange?he asked the toll-taker

      Exchange!”repeated the man;“well,that would not be a bad thing.”

      And so they exchanged;the toll-man at the barrier kept the goose,and the peasant carried away the fowl

      Now,he had done a good deal of business on his way to the fair,and he was hot and tiredHe wanted something to eat,and a glass of brandy to drink;and soon he was in front of the innHe was just about to step in,when the ostler came out,so they met at the doorThe ostler was carrying a sack

      What have you in that sack?”asked the peasant

      Rotten apples,”answered the ostler;“a whole sackful for the pigs.”

      Why,that's a terrible quantity!I should like my old woman at home to see that sightLast year the old tree by the turf-house only bore a single apple,and we kept it in the cupboard till it was quite rotten and spoiled.‘It was always property,'my old woman said;but here she could see a quantity of propertyYes,I shall be glad to show them to her.”

      What will you give me for the sackful?”asked the ostler

      What will I give?I will give my fowl in exchange.”

      And he gave the fowl accordingly,and received the apples,which he carried into the guest-roomHe leaned the sack carefully by the stove,and then went to the tableBut the stove was hothe had not thought of thatMany guests were presenthorse-dealers,cattle-dealers,and two Englishmenand they are so rich that their pockets are bursting with gold coins;and they could bet,too,as you shall hear

      Hiss-s-s!Hiss-s-s!What was that by the stove?The apples were beginning to roast!

      What is that?”

      Well,they soon got to know that,and the whole story of the horse that he had changed for a cow,and all the rest of it,down to the apples

      Well,your old woman will give it you well when you get home!”said one of the two Englishmen.“There will be a disturbance.”

      I will get a kiss and not a pounding,”said the peasant.“My wife will say,‘ What the old man does is always right.’”

      Shall we wager?”said the Englishman.“We'll wager coined gold by the bushela hundred pounds to the hundredweight!”

      A bushel will be enough,”replied the peasant.“I can only set the bushel of apples against it;and I'll throw myself and my old woman into the bargainand I fancy that's piling up the measure.”


      And the bet was madeThe host's carriage came up,and the Englishmen got in,and the peasant got in;away they wentand soon they stopped before the peasant's hut

      Good evening,old woman.”

      Good evening,old man.”

      I've made the exchange.”

      Yes,you understand what you're about,”said the woman

      And she embraced him,and forgot both the sack and the strangers

      I got a cow in exchange for the horse,”said he

      Heaven be thanked for the milk!”said she.“Now we shall have milk-food,and butter and cheese on the table!That was a most capital exchange!”

      Yes,but I changed the cow for a sheep.”

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      Ah,that's better still!”cried the wife.“You always think of everythingwe have just pasture enough for a sheepEwe's milk and cheese,and woollen jackets and stockings!The cow cannot give those,and her hairs will only come offHow you think of everything!”

      But I changed away the sheep for a goose.”

      Then this year we shall really have a Martinmas goose to eat,my dear old man,You are always thinking of something to give me pleasureHow charming that is!We can let the goose walk about with a string to her leg,and she'll grow fatter still before Martinmas.”

      But I gave away the goose for a fowl,”said the man

      A fowl?That was a good exchange!”replied the woman.“The fowl will lay eggs and hatch them,and we shall have chickenswe shall have a whole poultry-yard!Oh,that's just what I was wishing for.”

      Yes,but I exchanged the fowl for a sack of rotten apples.”

      What!—I must positively kiss you for that,”exclaimed the wife.“My dear,good husband!Now I'll tell you somethingDo you know,you had hardly left me this morning before I began thinking how I could give you something very nice this eveningI thought it should be pancakes with savoury herbsI had the eggs;but I wanted herbsSo I went over to the schoolmaster'sthey have herbs there,I knowbut the school mistress is a mean womanI begged her to lend me a handful of herbs.‘Lend!'she answered me;‘nothing at all grows in our garden,not even a rotten appleI could not even lend you that.’But now I can lend her ten,or a whole sackful;that makes me laugh!”And with that she gave him a sounding kiss

      I like that!”exclaimed both the Englishmen together.“Always going down-hill,and always merry;that's worth the money.”

      So they paid a hundredweight of gold to the peas-ant,who was not scolded,but kissed

      Yes,it always pays,when the wife sees and al-ways asserts that her husband knows best,and that whatever he does is right

      You see,that is my storyI heard it when I was a child;and now you have heard it too,and know that What the old man does is always right.”



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