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      ITS so beautifully cold that my whole body crackles!”said the Snow Man.“This is a kind of wind that can blow life into one;and how the gleaming one up youder is staring at me.”He meant the sun,which was just about to set.“It shall not make me winkI shall manage to keep the pieces.”

      He had two triangular pieces of tile in his head in-stead of eyesHis mouth was made of an old rake,and consequently was furnished with teeth

      He had been born amid the joyous shouts of the boys,and welcomed by the sound of sledge bells and the slashing of whips

      The sun went down,and the full moon rose,round,large,clear,and beautiful in the blue air

      There it comes again from the other side,”said the Snow ManHe intended to say the sun is showing himself again.“Ah!I have cured him of staringNow let him hang up there and shine,that I may see myselfIf I only knew how I could manage to move from this place,I should like so much to moveIf I could,I would slide along yonder on the ice,just as I see the boys slide;but I don't know how to run.”

      Off!Off!”barked the old Yard DogHe was somewhat hoarseHe had got the hoarseness from the time when he was an indoor dog,and lay by the fire.“The sun will teach you to run!I saw that last winter in your predecessor,and before that in his predecessorOff!Off!—and they all go.”

      I don't understand you,comrade,”said the Snow Man.“That thing up yonder is to teach me to run?”He meant the moon.“Yes,it was running itself,when I looked hard at it a little while ago,and now it comes creeping from the other side.”

      You know nothing at all,”retorted the Yard Dog

      But then you've only just beed patched upWhat you see yonder is the moon,and the one that went before was the sunIt will come again tomorrow,and will teach you to run down into the ditch by the wallWe shall soon have a change of weather;I can feel that in my left hind leg,for it pricks and pains me;the weather is going to change.”

      I don't understand him,”said the Snow Man;“but I have a feeling that he's talking about something disagree-ableThe one who stared so just now,and whom he called the sun,is not my friendI can feel that.”

      Off!Off!”barked the Yard Dog;and he turned round three times,and then crept into his kennel to sleep

      The weather really changedTowards morning,a thick damp fog lay over the whole region;later there came a wind,an icy windThe cold seemed quite to seize upon one;but when the sun rose,what splendour!Trees and bushes were covered with hoarfrost,and looked like a complete forest of coral,and every twig seemed covered with gleaming white budsThe many delicate ramifications,concealed in summer by the wreath of leaves,now made their appearanceit seemed like a lacework,gleaming whiteA snowy radiance sprang from every twigThe birch waved in the windit had life,like the trees in summerIt was wonderfully beautifulAnd when the sun shone,how it all gleamed and sparkled,as if diamond dust had been strewn everywhere,and big diamonds had been dropped on the snowy carpet of the earth!Or one could imagine that countless little lights were gleaming,whiter than even the snow itself

      That is wonderfully beautiful,”said a young girl,who came with a young man into the gardenThey both stood still near the Snow Man,and contemplated the glittering trees.“Summer cannot show a more beautiful sight,”said she;and her eyes sparkled

      And we can't have such a fellow as this in summer-time,”replied the young man,and he pointed to the Snow Man,“He is capital.”

      The girl laughed,nodded at the Snow Man,and then danced away over the snow with her friendover the snow that cracked and crackled under her tread as if she were walking on starch

      Who were those two?” the Snow Man inquired of the Yard Dog.“You've been longer in the yard than IDo you know them?”

      Of course I know them,” replied the Yard Dog.“She has stroked me,and he has thrown me a meat boneI don't bite those two.”

      But what are they?”asked the Snow Man

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      Lovers!”replied the Yard Dog.“They will go to live in the same kennel,and gnaw at the same boneOff!Off!”

      Are they of as much consequence as you and I?”asked the Snow Man

      Why,they belong to the master,”retorted the Yard Dog.“People certainly know very little who were only born yesterdayI can see that in youI have age and informationI know everyone here in the house,and I know a time when I did not lie out here in the cold,fastened to a chainOff!Off!”

      The cold is charming,”said the Snow Man.“Tell me,tell meBut you must not clank with your chain,for it jars within me when you do that.”

      Off!Off!”barked the Yard Dog.“They told me I was a pretty little fellowthen I used to lie in a chair covered with velvet,up in master's house,and sit in the lap of the mistress of allThey used to kiss my nose,and wipe my paws with an embroidered handkerchiefI was calledAmidear Amisweet Ami.’But afterwards I grew too big for them,and they gave me away to the housekeeperSo I came to live in the basement storyYou can look into that from where you are standing,and you can see into the room where I was master;for I was master at the housekeeper'sIt was certainly a smaller place than upstairs,but I was more comfortable,and was not continually taken hold of and pulled about by children as I had beenI received just as good food as ever,and much moreI had my own cushion,and there was a stove,the finest thing in the world at this seasonI went under the stove,and could lie down quite beneath itAh!I still dream of that stoveOff!Off!”

      Does a stove look so beautiful?”asked the Snow Man.“Is it at all like me?”

      It's just the reverse of you It's as black as a crow,and has a long neck and a brazen drumIt eats firewood,so that the fire spurts out of its mouthOne must keep at its side,or under it,and there one is very comfortableYou can see it through the window from where you stand.”

      And the Snow Man looked and saw a bright polished thing with a brazen drum,and the fire gleamed from the lower part of itThe Snow Man felt quite strangelyan odd emotion came over him,he knew not what it meant,and could not account for it;but all people who are not snow men know the feeling

      And why did you leave her?”asked the Snow Man,for it seemed to him that the stove must be of the female sex.“How could you quit such a comfortable place?”

      I was obliged,”replied the Yard Dog.“They turned me out of doors,and chained me up hereI had bitten the youngest young master in the leg,because he kicked away the bone I was gnawing.‘Bone for bone,’I thoughtThey took that very much amiss,and from that time I have been fastened to a chain and have lost my voiceDon't you hear how hoarse I am?Off!Off!That was the end of the affair.”

      But the Snow Man was no longer listening to himHe was looking in at the housekeeper's basement lodging,into the room where the stove stood on its four iron legs,just the same size as the Snow Man himself

      What a strange crackling within me!”he said.“Shall I ever get in there?It is an innocent wish,and our innocent wishes are certain to be fulfilledIt is my highest wish,my only wish,and it would be almost an injustice if it were not satisfiedI must go in there and lean against her,even if I have to break through the window.”

      You will never get in there,”said the Yard Dog;“and if you approach the stove then you are off!off!”

      I am as good as gone,”replied the Snow Man.“I think I am breaking up.”

      The whole day the Snow Man stood looking in through the windowIn the twilight hour the room be-came still more invitingfrom the stove came a mild gleam,not like the sun nor like the moon;no,it was only as the stove can glow when he has something to eatWhen the room door opened,the flame started out of his mouth;this was a habit the stove hadThe flame fell distinctly on the white face of the Snow Man,and gleamed red upon his bosom

      I can endure it no longer,”said he;“how beautiful it looks when it stretches out its tongue!”

      The night was long;but it did not appear long to the Snow Man,who stood there lost in his own charming reflections,crackling with the cold

      In the morning the window-panes of the basement lodging were covered with iceThey bore the most beautiful ice-flowers that any snow man could desire;but they concealed the stoveThe window-panes would not thaw;he could not see herIt crackled and whistled in him and around him;it was just the kind of frosty weather a snow man must thoroughly enjoyBut he did not enjoy it;and,indeed,how could he enjoy himself when he was stove-sick?

      That's a terrible disease for a Snow Man,”said the Yard Dog.“I have suffered from it myself,but I got over itOff!Off!”he barked;and he added,“the weather is going to change.”

      And the weather did change;it began to thaw

      The warmth increased,and the Snow Man decreasedHe said nothing and made no complaintand that's an in-fallible sign

      One morning he broke downAnd,behold,where he had stood,something like a broomstick remained sticking up out of the groundIt was the pole round which the boys had built him up

      Ah!now I can understand why he had such an intense longing,”said the Yard Dog.“The Snow Man has had a stove-rake in his body,and that is what moved within himNow he has got over that tooOff!off!”

      And soon they had got over the winter

      Off!Off!”barked the Yard Dog;but the little girls in the house sang

      Spring out,green woodruff,fresh and fair;

      Thy woolly gloves,O willow,bear

      Come,lark and cuckoo,come and sing,

      Already now we greet the Spring

      I sing as welltwit-twit!cuckoo!

      Come,darling Sun,and greet us too.”

      And nobody thought any more of the Snow Man



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