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       THERE was a little seafish of good family;the nameI cannot remember,you must get that from the learnedThe little fish had eighteen hundred brothers and sisters allof the same age;they did not know either their father ortheir mother;they had just to take care of themselves atonce and swim about,but that was a great delight to them

      They had plenty of water to drinkthe whole of thesea;they did not think about foodthat would come of itself;every one would do just as he liked,every one wouldhave his own storybut none of them thought about thateither

      The sun shone down into the water,and lighted it upround about them;it was so clear,it was a world with themost wonderful creatures,and some frightfully big,withenormous mouths which could have swallowed the eighteenhundred brothers and sisters;but they did not think of thateither,for none of them had been swallowed yet

      The little ones swam about together,close up to eachother,as herring and mackerel swim;but as they swamabout in the water,doing their very best and thinking ofnothing,there sank from above right into the middle ofthem,with a frightful noise,a long,heavy thing thatwould not stop coming;longer and longer it stretched itself,and every one of the little fishes which it struck,wassquashed or got a blow which it could never get overAllthe little fishes,and the big ones too,right from the surface of the sea down to the bottom,swam away in alarmthe heavy,monstrous thing sank deeper and deeper,andbecame longer and longer,miles in lengththroughout thewhole sea

      Fishes and snails,everything that swims,everythingwhich crawls or drifts with the currents,noticed this fright-ful thing,this immense,unknown seaeel,which had suddenly come down from above

      What kind of a thing was it?We know what it was!It was the great leaguelong telegraph wire,which wasbeing laid down between Europe and America

      There was a scare and a great commotion among thelawful inhabitants of the sea where the wire was sunkThe flying-fish sprang into the air above the sea,as highas it could;the gurnard flew the length of a gunshotabove the water;other fish sought the bottom of the sea,and fled so quickly that they arrived there long before thetelegraph wire had even been sightedthey frightenedboth the codfish and the flounder,which were swimmingabout peacefully in the depths of the sea and eating theirfellow creatures

      A pair of seacucumbers were so scared that theyvomited their stomachs out;but they still lived,for theycan do thatMany lobsters and crabs came out of theirgood harness,and had to leave their legs behind them

      Among all this fright and commotion,the eighteenhundred brothers and sisters got separated from each other,and never met again,or knew each other;only abouta dozen remained in the same place,and when they hadkept quiet for an hour or two,they began to get over theirfright and become inquisitiveThey looked round about,they looked up,and they looked down,and there in thedepths they thought they saw the terrible thing which hadfrightened them,frightened both big and littleThe thinglay along the bottom of the sea as far as they could spy;itwas very thin,but they did not know how thick it couldmake itself,or how strong it wasit lay very still;butthis,they thought,might be its cunning

      "Let it lie where it is!It does not concern us,"saidthe most cautious of the little fishes,but the very smallestof them would not give up getting to know what the thingcould beIt came down from above;up above wouldtherefore be the best place to get news about it,and sothey swam up to the surface of the seaThe weather wasquite calm

      There they met a dolphin,a kind of acrobat,a vagrant of the sea who can turn somersaults on the surface ofthe water;it had eyes to see with,and it must have seenand would know all about itThey inquired of it,but ithad only thought of itself and its somersaults,had seennothing,could give no answer,and so was silent andlooked haughty

      Thereupon they addressed themselves to a seal whojust then dived;it was more polite,although it ate littlefishes;but today it was fullIt knew a little more than thedolphin

      "I have,many a night,lain on a wet stone andlooked towards the land,miles away from hereThere areclumsy creatures there,who in their language are calledmen;they hunt after us,but often we escape from themIhave known how to do that,and so has the seaeel you nowask aboutIt has been in their power,been upon the land,no doubt from time immemorial;from there they have takenit on board a ship to convey it over the sea to another distant landI saw what trouble they had,but they managedit;it had become so weak with being on shoreThey laid itin coils and twists;I heard how it rattled and clattered asthey laid it;but it escaped from them,escaped out hereThey held it with all their might,many hands held fast,but it slipped from them and got to the bottom;it liesthere,I think,till later on!"

      "It is rather thin,"said the litile fishes

      "They have starved it,"said the seal,"but it willsoon come to itself,and get its old thickness and bignessI imagine it is the great seaserpent,which men are soafraid of and talk so much aboutI have never seen it be- fore,and never believed in it;now,I believe that this isit,"and so the seal dived

      "How much he knew!How much he talked!"said thelittle fishes,"I have never been so wise before!—If onlyit is not a lie!"

      "We could swim downand investigate!"said thesmallest one;"on the way we may hear others'opinions"

      "I won't make a single stroke with my fins,to get toknow anything,"the others said,and turned about

      "But I will!"said the smallest,and set off into deepwater;but it was far from the place where"the long sunkenthing"layThe little fish looked and searched about on allsides down in the deep

      It had never noticed before how big the world wasTheherring went in great shoals,shining like big silver boats;the mackerel followed,and looked even more magnifi-centThere came fish of all shapes and with markings ofall coloursJellyfishes,like halftransparent flowers,al-lowed themselves to be carried to and fro by the currentsGreat plants grew from the bottom of the sea,fathom-highgrass and palm-shaped trees,every leaf adorned withshining shells

      At last the little fish spied a long dark stripe andmade towards it,but it was neither fish nor cableit wasthe railing of a big sunken ship,whose upper and lowerdecks were broken in two by the pressure of the seaThe little fish swam into the cabin where so many people hadperished when the ship sank,and were now all washedaway except twoa young woman lay stretched out therewith a little child in her armsThe water lifted them andseemed to rock them;they looked as if they were asleepThe little fish was very frightened;it did not know thatthey would never waken againWater-plants hung like foliage over the railing and over the lovely bodies of motherand childIt was so still and lonelyThe little fish hur- ried away as quickly as it could,out where the water wasclearer and where there were fishes to be seenIt had notgone very far before it met a young whale,so frightfullybig

      "Don't swallow me,"said the little fish,"I am noteven a taste,I am so little,and it is a great pleasure tome to be alive!"

      "What are you doing down here,where your kinddoes not come?"asked the whale

      And so the little fish told about the long,wonderfuleel,or whatever the thing was,which had come downfrom above and frightened even the most courageous in-habitants of the deep

      "Ho,ho!"said the whale,and sucked in so muchwater that it had to send out a huge spout of it,when itcame up to the surface to draw breath"Ho,ho!"it said"so it was that thing which tickled me on the back as Iturned myself!I thought it was a ship's mast which Icould use as a clawingpin!But it was not at this spotNo,the thing lies much farther outI will investigate it;I have nothing else to do!"

      And so it swam forward and the little fish behind,not too near,for there came a tearing current where thebig whale shot through the water

      They met a shark and an old saw-fish;they also hadheard about the strange sea-eel,so long and so thin;theyhad not seen it,but they wanted toNow there came acatfish

      "I will you,"it said;it was going the sameway"If the great sea-serpent is no thicker than an anchorrope,I shall bite it through in one bite,"and itopened its jaws and showed its six rows of teeth"I canbite a mark in a ship's anchor,so I can surely bitethrough that stalk"

      "There it is,"said the big whale,"I see it!"

      He thought he saw better than the others"Lookhow it lifts itself,look how it sways,bends,and curvesitself!"

      It was not it,however,but an immensely big conger-eel,several yards long,which approached

      "I have seen that one before,"said the sawfish;"ithas never made a great noise in the sea,or frightened anybig fish"

      And so they spoke to it about the new eel,andasked if it would go with them to discover it

      "Is that eel longer than me?"said the conger;"thenthere will be trouble!"

      "That there will be!"said the others"We arestrong enough and won't stand it,"and so they hastenedforward

      But just then something came in the way,a wonderful monster,bigger than all of them put togetherItlooked like a floating island,which could not keep itselfup

      It was a very old whaleIts head was overgrown withseaplants;its back was thickly set with creeping thingsand so many oysters and mussels,that its black skin wasquite covered with white spots

      "Come with us,old one,"said they;"a new fishhas come here,which is not to be tolerated"

      "I would rather lie where I am,"said the oldwhale"Leave me alone!Let me lie!Oh,yes,yes,yesI suffer from a serious illness!I get relief by going up tothe surface and getting my back above it!then the bigseabirds come and pick meIt is so nice,if only theydon't put their peaks too far in;they often go right intomy blubberJust look!The whole skeleton of a bird isstill sitting on my back,it stuck its claws too far in andcould not get loose,when I went to the bottom!Now thelittle fishes have picked himSee how he looks,and howI look!I have an illness!"

      "It is only imagination!"said the young whale;"Iam never illNo fish is ill!"

      "Excuse me,"said the old whale,"the eel has askindisease,the carp is said to have smallpox,and weall suffer from worms"

      "Rubbish,"said the shark;he could not be bothered listening to any more,nor the others either,they hadother things to think about

      At last they came to the place where the telegraphcable layIt had a long lair on the bottom of the sea,from Europe to America,right over the sandbanks andseamud,rocky bottoms and wildernesses of plants andwhole forests of coralDown there the currents are everchanging,whirlpools turn and eddy,fish swarm in greaternumbers than the countless flocks of birds which we see atthe time of their migrationThere is a movement,asplashing,a buzzing,and a humming;the humming stillechoes a little in the big empty seashells,when we holdthem to our earsNow they came to the place

      "There lies the beast,"said the big fish,and thelittle one said the same thingThey saw the cable,whosebeginning and end lay beyond the range of their vision

      Sponges,polypi and gorgons swayed about from thebottom of the sea,sank and bent down over it,so that itwas seen and hidden alternatelySeaurchins,shails,andworms crawled about it;gigantic spiders,with a wholecrew of creeping things upon them,stalked along the cableDark-blue seacucumbersor whatever the creaturesare calledthey eat with the whole of their bodylay andseemed to snuff at the new animal which laid itself alongthe bottom of the seaFlounders and cod-fish turnedround in the water so as to listen on all sidesThe starfish,which always bores itself into the mud and onlyleaves the two long stalks with eyes sticking out,layand stared to see what the result of all the commotionwould be

      The cable lay without moving,but life and thoughtwere in in all the sameThe thoughts of men went throughit

      "The thing is cunning!"said the whale"It is quitecapable of hitting me in the stomach,and that is my tenderspot!"

      "Let us feel our way!"said the polypus"I have longarms,I have supple fingers!I have touched it,I will nowtake hold a little more firmly"

      And it stretched its supple,longest arm down to thecable and round about it

      "It has no scales,"said the polypus,"it has noskin"

      The seaeel laid itself down beside the cable,andstretched itself out as far as it could

      "The thing is longer than I!"it said,"but it is notthe length that matters,one must have skin,stomach,andsuppleness"

      The whale,the strong young whale,dropped itselfdown deeper than it had ever been before

      "Are you fish or plant?"he asked,"or are you onlysomething from above which cannot thrive down hereamongst us?"

      But the cable answered nothingthat is not its way ofdoingThoughts went through it;the thoughts of men;theyran in a second,many hundreds of miles from land toland

      "Will you answer or will you be snapped?"asked theferocious shark,and all the other big fishes asked thesame"Will you answer or be snapped?"

      The cable paid no attention,it had its own thoughts;it is full of thoughts

      "Only let them snap me,and I shall be pulled up andput right again;that has happened to others of my kind inlesser channels"

      And so it answered nothing,it had other things to do;it telegraphed and lay in lawful occupation at the bottom ofthe sea

      Up above the sun set,as men say;it looked like thereddest fire,and all the clouds in the sky shone like fire,the one more magnificent than the other

      "Now we will get the red light !" said the polypus,"and so the thing will perhaps be seen better, if that isnecessary."

      " On it, on it!" shouted the cat-fish, and showed allhis teeth

      " On it, on it,"said the sword-fish, the whale, andthe sea-eel

      They hurled themselves forward, the cat-fish first,but just as they were going to bite the cable, the saw-fishdrove his saw with great force into the back of the cat- fish that was a great mistake, and the cat had no strength to bite. There was a commotion down there in the mud; big fishes and little fishes, sea-cucumbers and snails ran intoeach other,ate each other,mashed each other and squashed each other The cable lay still and did its workas it ought to do

      Dark night brooded above the sea,but the millions and millions of living sea animals gave out light Crabs,not so big as pin-heads, gave out light It is very wonder-ful, but so it is . The sea animals gazed at the cable. " What is the thing, and what is it not?"

      Yes, that was the question"

      Then came an old sea-cow Men call that kind, mermaids or mermen This onea shehad a tail, andtwo short arms to paddle with, hanging breast,and sea-weed and creeping things in her head, and she was very proud of that

      " Will you have knowledge and information ?"said she;"then I am the only one who can give it to you ;butI demand for it ,free grazing on the bottom of the sea for me and mine I am a fish like you, and I am also a rep-tile by practiceI am the wisest in the sea;I know abouteverything that moves down here, and about all that isabove as well. That thing there which you are puzzling about is from above,and whatever is dumped down from up there is dead or becomes dead and powerless; let it alone for what it is; it is only an invention of man !"

      "I believe there is something more than that about it," said the little sea-fish

      " Hold your tongue, mackerel," said the big sea- cow

      "Stickleback," said the others,and there were stillmore insulting things said. And the sea-cow explained to them that the whole cause of alarm,which did not say a single word itself,was only an invention from the dry land And it held a little discourse over the tiresomeness of men

      " They want to get hold of us," it said,"it is the onlything they live for;they stretch out nets and come with baiton a hook to catch usThat thing there is a kind of big linewhich they think we will bite,they are so stupid!We are not that! Don' t touch it and it will crumble to pieces, thewhole of itWhat comes from up there has cracks and flaws, and is fit for nothing!"

      "Fit for nothing," said all the fishes, and adopted thesea-cow 's opinion, so as to have an opinion

      The little sea-fish had its own thoughts " The enor- mous , long, thin serpent is perhaps the most marvellous fish in the sea I have a feeling like that"

      " The most marvellous," we men say also,and say itwith knowledge and assurance

      It is the great sea-serpent talked about long before,insong and story It is conceived and born,sprung from man' s ingenuity and laid at the bottom of the sea, stretch- ing itself from the eastern to the western lands, bearing message as quickly as beams of light from the sun to our earth It grows,grows in power and extent, grows from year to year, through all the seas,round the earth, under the stormy waters and under the glass- clear water, where the skipper looks down as if he sailed through transparent air, and sees fish swarming like a whole firework show of colours

      Farthest down the serpent stretches itself,a world- serpent of blessing,which bites its tail as it encircles theearthFish and reptiles ran against it with their heads, theydo not yet understand the thing from above, the serpent of the knowledge of good and evil, filled with human thoughtsand declaring them in all languages, yet silent itself,themost marvellous of the marvels of the deep, the great sea-serpent of our time



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